Jacopo at Latitude59

Jacopo is proud to support Latitude59, Estonia’s flagship startup event, with Margus Raude, CEO of Jacopo, presenting the prize for the “Strategic Success Catalyst: Two Days of Synergistic Workshop.” 

Jacopo will select the winner from 5 startups, and Raude will decide who should receive the prize.

The prize is part of Latitude59’s Pitch Competition, which took place in 2024. It is part of a €1,000,000 syndicate led by Specialist VC and EstBAN. We’re looking for bold and promising startups that are shifting paradigms and improving the world.

Jacopo supports startups, investors, VCs and Angels

“From day one, companies need a solid plan to grow their business and infrastructure. Without a clear view of what’s happening, it’s easy to miss issues that can stop you from getting the funding you need to move forward. They need dashboards and ready-made reports that show their progress to investors, giving them the confidence to back startups with more funds. 

Early-stage startups usually run on tight budgets, putting every euro into developing their product, market, and team. This often means that back-office tech gets overlooked. But to grow properly, it’s crucial to have a dependable system that gives them a clear picture of your business. It’s why we recommend NetSuite as a solution because it can grow with fast-growing startups every step of the way,” says Raude.

“Latitude59 is unlike other startup conferences that are often crowded and overwhelming. Despite its growth in 30 years, it still feels like a more intimate gathering, attracting only the people who truly matter in the startup ecosystem,” opines Raude.

“Being at Latitude59 is important for us because the 2024 event is set to be bold and ambitious, with a mission to harness the tools, talent, and expertise of the startup and tech community to tackle the world’s most pressing crises. The event invites participants to envision the future together and take action with some of the brightest minds in the region, making it the perfect platform for us to connect and contribute our NetSuite solutions.”

NetSuite is suitable for startups

Latitude59 presents the perfect synergy for fast-growing startups needing a robust platform and business intelligence.

Since 2021, Jacopo Consulting has been the go-to expert for NetSuite solutions, offering comprehensive services from implementation and development to administration. Jacopo’s market intelligence helps fast-growing businesses operate seamlessly, optimising operations, financial management, and business processes. The team boasts extensive startup experience and an understanding of the dynamics, challenges, and opportunities growing companies face. Their expertise underscores startup environments’ agility, innovation, and growth potential.

Come and meet us at Latitude59!