The role of a NetSuite consultant in scaling your business

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s crucial to ensure that the NetSuite solutions and services you’re considering are not only a fit for your unique company needs but also offer sustainability and scalability. That’s why speaking to a NetSuite consultant prior to beginning your journey with the software should be your first point of call.

With over 13 years of experience as a NetSuite consultant, I’ve witnessed Oracle NetSuite’s transformative power in scaling businesses. What truly inspires me about this solution is its adaptability. While not all modules are necessary for startups, Oracle NetSuite’s flexibility allows you to cherry-pick the ones that align with your business needs.

A skilled NetSuite consultant should be able to understand your business needs and recommend the ideal solutions. They should never push unnecessary support modules but instead focus on what’s best for your business.

Scaling challenges faced by growing businesses

Navigating business scalability amidst evolving technology and fierce competition can be daunting and stressful. Startups thrive by pinpointing optimal strategies and executing them with precision.

It means scaling businesses and startups must recognise and be prepared for potential obstacles, as these can quickly derail any scaling efforts. 

After establishing foundations and gaining momentum, the subsequent hurdle is scaling your business. Though seemingly inevitable, it poses significant challenges.

From my experience, the top challenges of scaling a startup include

  • managing rapid growth,
  • staying agile,
  • identifying new markets,
  • making difficult decisions,
  • developing a culture of innovation,
  • increasing operational efficiency and
  • maintaining financial stability.

NetSuite consultants play a crucial role in helping businesses overcome scaling challenges. They do this by identifying and addressing roadblocks, planning meticulously, and committing to delivering operational excellence. In my experience, this often involves coaching, consulting, and using the right tools.

As a NetSuite consultant, I advise scaling businesses to use Oracle NetSuite services and integration modules to address their tech needs.

What is a NetSuite consultant?

You’ll find NetSuite consultants working independently or in organised consulting firms. At their core, they are competent individuals who understand NetSuite’s ins and outs and may even hold Oracle NetSuite certifications.

But NetSuite consultants aren’t just NetSuite enthusiasts. They’re also consultants, so they need to be proficient in soft skills like communication and problem-solving. They aren’t limited to a specific educational background—proficiency in NetSuite, and fine-tuned consulting skills are all the necessary training.

They should assist businesses with NetSuite implementations and customisations. They provide administration and support services, how companies develop custom solutions and offer advice about business processes.

Why speak with NetSuite consultants?

Whether you’re new to NetSuite or not, engaging a consultant is a crucial step towards your success. Instead of being misinformed and making decisions on the fly, you’ll gain access to a seasoned professional who has successfully implemented NetSuite for clients in similar situations. This can save you valuable time and money in the long run.

If you’re already up and running on NetSuite, hiring a NetSuite consultant can be particularly beneficial for improving your current configuration and associated business processes.

For instance, when I assess whether a company needs NetSuite, I don’t merely look at its desire to grow. I consider it more critical to determine how it will achieve its business goals, such as reducing the time spent on accounting tasks or wanting a better CRM to close more sales.

So what do we do?

Well, NetSuite consultants assist businesses with NetSuite implementations and customisations. They provide administration and support services, have customers develop custom solutions, and offer advice about business processes.

Whilst many NetSuite consultants are comfortable wearing various hats, some specialise, focusing more on NetSuite’s technical or functional aspects. Some specialise in implementing a specific NetSuite project or module, while others have expertise in the best NetSuite practices in a particular industry.

How can NetSuite Consultancy help your business?

  • Consolidates your accounting, planning, procurement, projects, and analytics endeavours under one platform
  • It saves you time and money while making the most of your implementation, as many NetSuite consultants can negotiate a lower service price due to their exclusive standing with NetSuite
  • Allows you to utilise powerful and intuitive tools and methodologies to enable end-to-end business transformations 
  • It gives you better access to and acquisition of essential company data, analytics reports, and customer insights 
  • Provides a boost in your team’s productivity as processes are streamlined and performance is measured, fostering more company-wide alignment 
  • Access hands-on training and post-deployment support to save time cut costs, and maximise implementation benefits.

Types of projects NetSuite consultants work on, with examples:

The types of projects a NetSuite consultant works on can take many shapes, from automating business processes and analysing company data to professional services, providing hands-on training to employees and clients and working with clients and their related databases.

A high-growth SaaS company once asked me to help them prepare for an upcoming acquisition by a leading private equity investment firm. As part of the acquisition, our client was informed they had to migrate their operations away from QuickBooks to NetSuite—and do so within just three months.

I began this project by researching to understand our client’s priorities and develop sustainable strategies. I eventually decided to implement ancillary financial management and merchant services within NetSuite alongside billing solutions to help them successfully meet their launch date.

I aimed to provide the client with transparent reporting, consolidated financials to present to a dedicated team at the PE firm, and a more straightforward acquisition process — all thanks to a successful NetSuite implementation.

Whatever your company’s needs or situation, NetSuite consultants should take a focused and structured approach to identify investment opportunities and outline a roadmap for implementing these discoveries.

How much does a NetSuite implementation consultant charge per hour?

Depending on the complexity of your business and the particular NetSuite implementation, NetSuite could need 50 to 150 hours to evaluate your business requirements. NetSuite solution providers typically charge €150 to €250 per hour.

Again, it depends on your business, its requirements and the consultants themselves. A NetSuite-certified ERP consultant will focus on different aspects of their NetSuite consultancy than others.

What is a certified NetSuite Solution Partner?

Like myself, NetSuite Solution Partners are here to guide you and your team in configuring NetSuite to meet your unique business needs. We bring in specific industry expertise and resources. 

As a certified NetSuite Solution Partner, I can assure you that we provide your business with the best strategic guidance and technical skill sets.

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