How a NetSuite developer can advance your technical capabilities

NetSuite development involves crafting bespoke applications and integrations within the NetSuite platform, a cloud-based suite offering diverse business applications such as finance management, CRM, and e-commerce.

Finding proficient NetSuite developers is critical as they facilitate businesses’ growth and must be able to use NetSuite’s functionalities that will align with the business’s specific requirements.

These developers should have a profound grasp of the NetSuite platform, programming acumen, and the capacity to collaborate closely with stakeholders to comprehend and fulfil their requirements.

Adopting and customising cloud-based software platforms like NetSuite is increasingly vital for businesses to sustain competitiveness and foster expansion.

Consequently, the demand for reliable NetSuite developers is poised to escalate in the foreseeable future.

What is a NetSuite developer, and what do they do?

NetSuite developers are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining custom applications and integrating NetSuite platforms. NetSuite development can include creating, modifying, and using new applications, customising existing functionality, or integrating NetSuite into another system and application.

While a NetSuite consultant offers functional expertise, a NetSuite developer focuses on the technical aspects, constructing the NetSuite instance for your company through code customisations. Collaboration between NetSuite developers and consultants is standard, with many individuals fulfilling both roles.

Yet, it is beneficial to distinguish the developer role from the consultant role to fully appreciate the significance of a proficient NetSuite developer.

The responsibilities and tasks involved in the role of a NetSuite developer may include:

  • Analysing business requirements and translating them into functional specifications
  • Designing and developing custom applications and integrations using the NetSuite platform and related technologies
  • Testing and debugging custom applications and integrations to ensure they are functioning properly
  • Maintaining and updating custom applications and integrations as needed
  • Collaborating closely with business stakeholders to comprehend their needs and ensure tailored solutions align with their specifications.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in NetSuite technology and best practices for development

How NetSuite developers can help in business operational enhancement

A significant aspect of a NetSuite developer’s role entails operating within a developer or sandbox account to modify SuiteScript using NetSuite APIs.

NetSuite developers implement SuiteScript 2.0 using JavaScript, a foundational language that enables the creation of various functionalities for their website and NetSuite ERP back office.

Top-tier NetSuite developers boast extensive expertise and familiarity with various types of SuiteScripts, ensuring they possess a versatile toolkit for any NetSuite customisation.

For instance, not all newer NetSuite developers have created a Suitelet, which can sometimes be a key ingredient for custom NetSuite tools. SuiteScript extends beyond basic automation; it enables the creation of web pages and data manipulation to suit business requirements.

But how do you find the best NetSuite developers?

How to evaluate and interview NetSuite Developers

Interviewing and evaluating NetSuite developers is an essential step in hiring. It is important to know how to find a qualified NetSuite development partner.

When choosing a reputable NetSuite developer, it is useful to find one who is willing to be tested. Offer them complex assignments, problem analysis, and what effective solutions they would advise.

Based on my experience, NetSuite developers who excel at translating customer business needs and objectives into viable NetSuite solutions are brilliant to hire. Furthermore, exceptional NetSuite developers will excel in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SuiteScript coding and are proficient in handling SuiteCommerce Advanced source code. Their adeptness instils confidence in clients as they deliver cost-effective, bespoke solutions and applications tailored to meet business requirements effectively.

Naturally, NetSuite developers deliver high-quality solutions and are proven to integrate customer needs into NetSuite’s business processes and solutions. Thus, they require extensive technical experience in NetSuite functions and the code that provides this functionality, and they should be highly competent in HTML and CSS programming languages.

NetSuite Developer Accounts

With a NetSuite developer account, such as at Jacopo, you can customise NetSuite without exposing any sensitive business information to anyone.

A NetSuite software development account functions like a business’s production account but does not include customisations or production data. Instead, a NetSuite developer profile can contain all the necessary data to create and test the application.

NetSuite developers can also create multiple accounts and multiple sandbox accounts, similar in style to NetSUB developers’ accounts but with additional features to create and test customised NetSuite apps. In addition, it can also copy your manufacturing records.

What do NetSuite developers do with NetSuite?

NetSuite development holds significance for businesses as it enables them to tailor and expand the capabilities of the NetSuite platform to suit their unique needs and demands. This customisation aids in fostering growth and enhancing efficiency by automating and streamlining processes, accessing real-time data and insights, and integrating with diverse systems and applications.

The NetSuite platform encompasses various business applications, spanning financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce. These applications are adaptable through integration and custom development to cater to diverse business requirements, including:

  • Automating and streamlining financial processes, such as invoicing, accounts payable, and expense management
  • Improving customer relationship management by integrating with CRM systems and automating sales and marketing processes
  • Building custom e-commerce solutions that integrate with the NetSuite platform, such as online stores and shopping carts.
  • Crafting bespoke reports and dashboards to deliver up-to-the-minute insights into business performance
  • Integrating NetSuite with other systems and applications, such as HR systems, marketing platforms, and logistics software

Leveraging custom development on the NetSuite platform empowers businesses to optimise their capabilities and enhance their operations.

Businesses can align the platform with their precise requirements through tailored adjustments, fostering growth and efficiency through collaboration with adept NetSuite developers.

Using NetSuite development with Jacopo, an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner

Enlisting a NetSuite developer is a wise decision for any business aiming to maximise the potential of their NetSuite system. Possessing both technical proficiency and industry insight, these adept professionals tailor and enhance NetSuite to suit your unique requirements, facilitating operational efficiency and fostering business expansion.

This post provides a foundation for comprehending NetSuite and its potential benefits for your business. Should you seek further insights into NetSuite developers or wish to explore how our team can enhance your NetSuite system, feel free to reach out anytime.

As a certified Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, Jacopo is adept at managing various NetSuite projects, catering to start-ups and enterprises.