Using NetSuite support before and after implementation

NetSuite’s website provides a webpage where you can contact their Support Services, which provides the technical assistance and optimisation expertise that NetSuite-implemented businesses require. 

As a NetSuite specialist, I also call their premier support occasionally to ensure my knowledge is up to date. This is makes it easier for me to ensure that when we receive support inquiries at Jacopo, we can handle quickly and efficiently. At Jacopo, the team prioritise supporting our clients and customers so that they can receive better NetSuite admin support. 

Our NetSuite support ranges from supporting your NetSuite pre-planning to avoid navigating unexpected issues to proactively providing solution guidance and ongoing configuration assistance post-implementation. We do this because we want our NetSuite support to help your business mitigate risks and accelerate its growth, whether a startup or enterprise.

What inquiries are most received by NetSuite support?

Implementing NetSuite is different for every company. Some go through it seamlessly; however, most still struggle and need help with this first step. 

According to NetSuite, 50% of initial implementations fail. These failures stem from implementation efforts, not the functionality of the cloud-based software itself.

The most inquiries received are as follows:

  1. Inadequate implementation of NetSuite resources
  2. Absence of NetSuite pre-planning
  3. Failure to migrate data
  4. Mistakes in NetSuite upgrades and features
  5. Incorrect NetSuite partner

Let’s review a few common problems that require NetSuite admin support. By addressing these issues, you can ensure the success of your company’s NetSuite implementations.

Inadequate implementation of NetSuite resources

Depending on your company’s size and complexity, you’ll require at least one NetSuite admin support. However, many businesses opt for their employees to handle NetSuite support instead of consulting specialists. This approach often overburdens staff, hindering their daily tasks.

They believe NetSuite can be implemented quickly.

Trust me, it’s hard and can only be done after some time. With the help of a NetSuite partner, businesses can implement NetSuite solutions based on their sector—marketing, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, sales, production, finance or customer service. 

NetSuite partners understand the suitable and operational NetSuite features to meet your specific business needs. This helps your company avoid failed NetSuite implementations caused by unforeseen issues, preventing costly budget overruns.

No NetSuite pre-planning

There are still companies that need to conduct pre-planning before beginning to implement NetSuite. I can’t stress enough how important it is to document what your company currently does.

This way, you can also plan backup plans and troubleshooting solutions when specific circumstances arise. I understand that they do this because they want to see the best results for their business immediately. 

However, as the saying goes, all good things take time. 

Most NetSuite partners help businesses pre-plan their NetSuite implementation by assisting them with the best practices they must follow. As a result, companies recognise the intricacy of navigating NetSuite software and the significance of pre-planning for a seamless transition to NetSuite.

Failure to migrate data correctly

Before migrating to NetSuite, companies might already utilise software dedicated to accounting, procurement, HR, and inventory. This data must seamlessly transition to the new ERP software for continuity.

However, several businesses fail to correctly migrate their data to the NetSuite platform, resulting in poor operational performance post-implementation.  

NetSuite admin support addresses this concern, sparing companies from manually inputting data into NetSuite. Beyond data migration failures, NetSuite admin support undertakes various tasks related to company data, such as:

  • Rectifying duplicate records
  • Correcting spelling errors
  • Substituting inappropriate NetSuite features with suitable ones
  • Resolving configuration issues in NetSuite

Given the meticulous nature of data review, it’s advisable to leverage the expertise of either NetSuite support or a partner like ourselves to cleanse your data system before migrating it to NetSuite.

NetSuite upgrades and features errors

When a company upgrades NetSuite and its features, encountering issues is common due to the software’s complexity, particularly if managed by a non-NetSuite specialist.

NetSuite support addresses upgrades and features by pinpointing their root causes and promptly providing solutions. NetSuite support manages all aspects, from dashboards to workflows, scripting, and forms requiring updates as your business expands.

Moreover, NetSuite support can address your queries regarding upgrades, providing valuable insights into effectively rectifying your company’s errors in updating NetSuite features.

Wrong NetSuite support partner

Finally, many companies encounter failed NetSuite implementations when they partner with a support team that needs to gain in-depth knowledge of how NetSuite works. 

It’s essential to consider the expertise of your NetSuite partner. Time and time again, I receive inquiries that are disappointed in their NetSuite partner, namely around NetSuite training and features needing to be correctly aligned with their business sector. 

For example, if your firm operates in manufacturing, you’ll require NetSuite experts who are well-versed in the extensive features and NetSuite modules for inventory management. Thus, it ensures your company receives tailored assistance with NetSuite software requirements.

Thus, good NetSuite professionals let your company navigate the suitable modules for your business needs, keeping you from purchasing the ones you don’t need.

What NetSuite support is available after implementation?

NetSuite Support has three support offerings: Basic, Premium and Advanced Customer Support (ACS). Each option provides specific service levels and capabilities, from online case submissions to 24/7 phone support to managed services that help optimise your solution.

Basic Support

Included in all NetSuite subscriptions, NetSuite Basic Support provides help for critical concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The basic level also offers online support for defects and critical issues through the SuiteAnswers knowledge centre and access to NetSuite’s Support Community group.

Premium Support

NetSuite Premium Support offers added assistance, cost-free help for critical and non-critical issues, priority case queuing, weekend support, early notification of upcoming releases, and commerce response services.

Advanced Customer Support

ACS provides a prescriptive approach to optimising and sustaining your entire NetSuite solution. With ACS Playbooks, organisations receive decades of proven leading practices to guide them through challenging growth milestones. ACS proactively keeps your NetSuite system running at its best, ensuring it scales alongside your business.

Partner Support

Partner Support is where companies like ours can support our customers and clients. As a NetSuite Partner, we can ensure our customers have the right solution to run their business, which is essential. Whether you encounter complex issues during your NetSuite implementations or have general questions before, during, and after the implementation, we can provide you with the assistance you need when you need it.

Why NetSuite support shouldn’t stop after implementation

These are familiar issues that require the expertise of seasoned NetSuite support professionals. At Jacopo, our team aids companies in achieving successful NetSuite implementations, averting challenges during the implementation or feature upgrade phases.

Plus, we will be on hand after the implementation, so when problems occur, you can get answers quicker than when you contact NetSuite support services directly.

Contact Jacopo here if you need NetSuite support. Our team will be glad to help you with your NetSuite-related inquiries.