Selecting the right NetSuite Partner for your enterprise

Selecting the right NetSuite Partner for your enterprise

Choosing the right software partner is critical to your business’s success.

A compatible partner ensures smooth integration and implementation, reducing risks and enhancing efficiency. They should understand your business needs and provide tailored solutions to help you operate better.

NetSuite Alliance Partners, in particular, focus on delivering implementation services after NetSuite’s direct sales team leads the software evaluation and license purchase process.

In this article, I’ll discuss finding a NetSuite partner and detail their key features, benefits, and pricing to help you find the right fit for your business. We’ll also discuss essential aspects like finance, CRM (customer relationship management), inventory management, enterprise resource planning and more, guiding you through selecting the most suitable NetSuite modules.

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Why you need a compatible software partner

Choosing the right software partner is critical to your business’s success. A compatible partner means smooth integration and implementation services, less risk and more efficiency. They should understand your business needs and provide tailored solutions, including consulting services, to help you operate better.

From my experience, ERP implementations are more successful when an experienced and compatible partner is involved, and there is less chance of project failure.

Working with the right NetSuite solution provider means achieving long-term success by aligning with your goals and running efficiently. For instance, a manufacturing company that partnered with a NetSuite Alliance Partner saw a 20% increase in production efficiency within the first year of implementation. Similarly, a retail business that worked with a NetSuite Solution Provider saw a 15% increase in customer satisfaction due to improved order management and faster delivery times.

A partner should make your NetSuite investment keep delivering value.

What is a NetSuite Partner?

NetSuite partners are certified business application experts who provide NetSuite solutions and services. These partners, including NetSuite solution providers and alliance partners, help businesses implement, customise and support NetSuite ERP systems.

The NetSuite Solution Providers program is a NetSuite support system that includes assistance from large accounting firms to smaller teams dedicated to helping clients make the most of NetSuite. It emphasises significant consolidation, resulting in larger and more proficient consulting organisations.

NetSuite partners offer a wide range of services, from consulting to ongoing support, so your NetSuite implementation meets your business needs, including customer relationship management.

NetSuite partners are:

  • NetSuite Solution Providers: Sell NetSuite licenses, implement NetSuite and provide ongoing support.
  • NetSuite Alliance Partners: Work with NetSuite to in providing services such as consulting, administration, training and integration.
  • NetSuite SuiteCloud Developers: Develop custom applications and integrations to extend NetSuite functionality.

NetSuite implementation can be complex, and NetSuite estimates that 50% of ERP projects fail the first time around.

That’s why choosing the right NetSuite partner is critical for implementing the first time around. A successful ERP project will bring a sense of relief, knowing that your business is now equipped with powerful technology solutions for growth, and receive operational efficiency for your business processes.

How to choose top NetSuite Partners

When choosing a NetSuite partner, consider the following criteria to ensure you select the best fit for your business, especially a leading provider in ERP solutions:

Experience and Expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning

Look for Oracle NetSuite partners with extensive experience in your industry and NetSuite implementations. A partner with over 10 years of experience in your sector will not only understand your specific challenges and needs but also provide you with informed guidance.

Client Testimonials and Case Studies

Review client feedback and case studies to see how the partner performed on similar projects. For example, if a partner has successfully implemented NetSuite for businesses like yours, they will likely deliver the same results for you.

Range of Services

Choose a partner that offers complete services, including professional services automation, project management, integration and implementation services, support, and consulting. A full-service partner can manage your project from start to finish and ensure continuity and consistency for all NetSUite users, whether noives or not.

Geographic Location and Availability 

Consider the partner’s location and ability to provide timely support. Local partners may offer more immediate support; global partners offer broader expertise.

Cultural Fit and Communication Style 

Ensure the partner’s working style aligns with your company culture and communication style. This understanding and respect for your business’s unique identity are critical to a successful partnership.

Benefits of NetSuite Solution Providers

Working with accredited NetSuite solution providers gives you the following:

  • Credibility and Trust: Accredited providers are recognised for their expertise and reliability in NetSuite software so you can trust their abilities. According to NetSuite, businesses that work with accredited solution providers see a 30% increase in customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Access to Exclusive Resources: Accredited partners access NetSuite’s exclusive resources and support so you get top-notch NetSuite implementations. This includes advanced NetSuite training, support materials and direct access to NetSuite’s professional services.
  • Better Implementation Practices: Accredited providers follow best practices for NetSuite implementations, reducing risks and ensuring success. Studies often found that only 50-60% of implementations succeeded, while 10-20% failed.
  • Ongoing Support and Training: Accredited partners provide ongoing support and training, so your team can get the most out of NetSuite. This ongoing relationship means your system will evolve with your business needs.

How a Partnership Can Help with NetSuite Implementation

A strategic partnership with a NetSuite partner can significantly ease the implementation process and avoid the common pitfalls of failed implementations.

  • Initial Consultation: The NetSuite partner will assess your business needs and recommend the best NetSuite solutions. For example, they will identify specific CRM or inventory management modules critical to your business. Partners also assist in selling NetSuite licenses, ensuring you get the best-discounted prices.
  • Customisation and Configuration: They will customise and configure NetSuite to match your business processes. A study by Aberdeen Group found that companies using NetSuite ERP systems experience a 17% reduction in inventory levels, a 20% increase in on-time delivery performance, and a 19% decrease in operating costs – provided they are customised correctly for the business.
  • Data Migration: The NetSuite partner will manage data migration to transition to NetSuite seamlessly. According to Gartner, 83% of all implementation projects fail, and more than 50% will exceed their budget. Data migration is often cited as one of the most difficult parts of ERP implementation, but experienced partners can mitigate these challenges.
  • Training and Support: The NetSuite partner will train your team and provide ongoing support to resolve any issues. So your team can use NetSuite from day one, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: The partner will integrate NetSuite with your existing ERP systems so you have a unified workflow. Proper integration will improve data visibility and streamline business processes.

Implementing NetSuite with Jacopo

Choosing the right NetSuite partner is vital to your business. Accredited NetSuite solution providers bring credibility, exclusive resources, best practices and ongoing support.

By selecting the right partner with the right expertise and services, you can successfully implement NetSuite without concerns about data migration or customisation.

Implementing NetSuite with Jacopo, a leading provider in enterprise data migrations is a strategic choice for companies focused on growth, improving efficiencies, and increasing global reach. NetSuite ERP is just one of many NetSuite services that provide a robust technology solution to enterprises.

Post-implementation, a NetSuite solution provider like Jacopo will continue to support you by maintaining, changing, and enhancing your ERP solutions.

Jacopo’s NetSuite consultants are some of the most experienced in Europe and have various NetSuite expertise.

With a decade of experience working with global growth companies, Jacopo brings extensive knowledge in handling complex NetSuite projects. Jacopo has successfully worked with various clients to grow its enterprises and help customers succeed. Using proven methods, Jacopo guarantees a smooth NetSuite implementation without fearing going over budget.

Our team will set up your NetSuite system to fit your needs and train your users to maximise your NetSuite investment.