NetSuite training

The level of your team’s proficiency in business software can make a huge difference between failing and succeeding. NetSuite software is now a major enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool in the cloud for businesses looking to optimise their daily operations.

The NetSuite ERP platform provides businesses with various tools, features, and options essential for exploring, training, and learning its vast integrations and features.

But to get it right, you need NetSuite training.

What do I need to know about NetSuite training?

A lot of people who are new to the platform ask this question.

Is NetSuite hard to learn?

Well, the answer to this question depends on several variables, including whether you have used a similar platform before and your determination to learn.

Certainly, you can learn NetSuite without enlisting the services of an instructor. The NetSuite ERP platform has various resources for self-learning, including help documentation, videos, and forums.

These are helpful if you are a self-learner and like to train at your own pace. However, learning it alone can be quite difficult because NetSuite is deep and complex. There is just no substitute for structured training.

NetSuite has various combinations of free and paid training courses. Learning NetSuite is relatively easy, depending on your understanding and business requirements. 

The free resources usually are the introductory course and basic tutorials.

You would probably need to purchase the paid courses for intermediate and advanced modules and certification preparation. 

Because the platform is so vast, it may be difficult initially for a novice to get optimum benefits. But don’t get me wrong—NetSuite can be mastered with perseverance and the right learning resources. The time it takes to learn NetSuite depends on whether you are starting from scratch or have some knowledge of ERP systems and business requirements.

Basic learning and understanding of the platform can be attained within weeks of intensive studying, but completing all the modules and functionalities, including certification, may take a few months.

Where can I get free NetSuite training?

NetSuite training is very easy because of the various combinations of resources available to fit different professions and learning styles. You can learn NetSuite for free by using the company’s online resources.

NetSuite Learning Cloud Support (LCS) has various training courses to meet the training requirements of different individuals and teams within a business organisation including various product areas in NetSuite and industry practices and business processes.

Articles, whitepapers, and basic training videos are freely available on NetSuite’s official website and user community. NetSuite has an extensive training course that covers the entire platform. This NetSuite Education Services offers beginner to advanced training courses that are specific to different roles in an organisation, such as administrators, developers, and end-users.

You can get NetSuite certification at varying costs. Basic certifications can start from a few hundred pounds, while advanced certifications may require many hundreds of pounds more.

These prices generally include the training materials, exams, and sometimes even retakes.

NetSuite training courses for all NetSuite users at all levels

NetSuite training courses generally cater to all users, from novices to advanced experts.

The trick here is identifying the course that fits your level and profession. While free resources are available, most structured training courses, especially for certification, are not free.

Investing in these training courses is usually wise to gain a proper understanding and proficiency in the software so that it can be used effectively.

NetSuite has different training modules to suit different areas of the software. These training modules include basic navigation, setup, advanced configuration and optimisation.

The difficulty level of NetSuite varies depending on the modules you are studying. For example, basic financial management can be quite easy, but advanced modules such as supply chain management or CRM can require more intensive training.

The cost of NetSuite certification varies from a few hundred pounds to a thousand pounds and above, depending on the level of certification and the course provider.

This cost, however, is usually outweighed by the enormous benefits it gives to one’s career and business, especially when preparing for different NetSuite certification types such as SuiteFoundation, Administrator, SuiteCloud, and ERP Consultant.

Training as the impetus to NetSuite proficiency

NetSuite users agree that an effective training course is essential to achieving proficiency in NetSuite operations. It fast-tracks the learning curve and ensures users benefit from the platform’s features. The time it takes to learn NetSuite depends on various factors.

Some weeks of training are enough for basic operations, but advanced proficiency levels may take several months of intensive training combined with actual platform usage. You can get NetSuite for free and use these resources to learn the platform, but investing in the whole training course is highly recommended to gain deeper knowledge of the features and operations.

NetSuite official training courses cater for all levels of users. Structured training courses are highly recommended to gain a deeper understanding and achieve certification on the platform. Free online resources are a great start, but investing in the whole training course is advisable to fast-track the learning curve.

Advantages of investing in NetSuite ERP training

There are many advantages to investing in NetSuite training for your team and business. A full and comprehensive training course improves your team’s capability to run the software platform effectively, increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

A study conducted by McKinsey & Company showed that companies that invest in training their employees across all levels have 50% better productivity and 20% higher revenue.

Being a scalable solution, NetSuite helps businesses of varying sizes manage different processes, including financial transactions, data integration, and cash management and provides streamlined user access. 

A study by the Association for Talent Development showed that companies that provide full training programmes have 218% higher income per employee and 24% higher profit margin than those that do not implement any formalised training programme. This proves that training your team is always worth the investment.

Choose the training that fits your needs

At Jacopo Consulting, we recognise that different businesses require different training programmes. We offer different training options to fit your needs. Our training course programmes include:

  • In-house workshops: Our professional trainers conduct hands-on training in your location and according to your business processes.
  • Tailor-made training programmes: We create training programmes suited for your team, targeting the modules and features that will largely impact your business operations.

We ensure that you and your team have effective and efficient NetSuite operations so that you can maximise the platform for your business, including sales force automation. 

A study by Gartner showed that ERP implementations fail 75% of the time due to poor training and inadequate preparation.

At Jacopo, we avoid expensive mistakes and ensure proper preparation with a Jacopo consultant and training for your team to smoothen your NetSuite implementation.

Ongoing NetSuite consulting for your business

Here at Jacopo Consulting, we offer continuous support to ensure your team stays proficient in NetSuite operations. Our consulting services include:

  • NetSuite implementation: We assist you throughout the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition to the new system.
  • NetSuite development: Our team can customise NetSuite to fit your business requirements and improve its overall functionality and performance.
  • NetSuite administration: We provide administrative assistance to ensure you maintain and manage your NetSuite environment efficiently.
  • NetSuite support: Our support team is always ready to answer your questions and troubleshoot any problems you encounter in running a smooth system, including warehouse management.

A partnership with Jacopo Consulting ensures you have a team of experts to help your business succeed.

Furthermore, the NetSuite platform is consistently updated with new features and functionalities that enable businesses to operate efficiently and effectively.

Staying updated with these changes and learning new features are key to maximising the platform’s advantage. 

Here at Jacopo Consulting, we offer continuous learning and development to your employees through our training programmes and support services. 

Whether it is our in-house workshops, online courses or tailor-made training solutions, we ensure your team stays efficient and confident while operating the platform.

NetSuite training is a worthwhile investment in your team

A worthwhile investment in your team’s skillset is training them on NetSuite operations.

While you can learn the platform independently, it is highly recommended that you structure your learning to benefit from all the features NetSuite offers.

By investing in your team’s training, you can improve their skills and run your business more efficiently and effectively. You can get NetSuite training for free, but it is highly advisable to go for the paid training to impart advanced knowledge and best practices to your team and maximise the potential of this ERP platform.

While some free introductory courses are available, it is advisable to invest in paid courses to equip your team with the knowledge of maximising NetSuite’s potential. The learning curve in NetSuite is quite deep, but with the right training resources, your team can easily scale this hurdle to become top-notch users who can drastically improve your business processes.

Chat with Jacopo Consulting and become fully NetSuite proficient

Here at Jacopo Consulting, we are experts in everything NetSuite – implementation, development, and administration. We love seeing businesses like yours run like clockwork. We will stop at nothing to streamline your operations, financials, and business processes, including managing your NetSuite account for user access and data integration.

What we do

Our team of professionals, diverse in background and expertise, knows industry systems and data management. From NetSuite ERP to customer relationship management (CRM), HCM, FP&A, or even eCommerce solutions, Jacopo has implemented them all for market leaders like your business for years under various European companies.

Why do business with Jacopo Consulting?

Here at Jacopo Consulting, we are committed to your business’s success. Whether you need full or partial custom training for your team, we ensure that your business operates effectively and efficiently in NetSuite, including learning how to run NetSuite planning. While the cost of certification varies, here at Jacopo Consulting, we strive to provide value-for-money training programmes that warrant the investment.

We guide you toward understanding NetSuite’s full potential, making your certification process effortless and worthwhile. We offer different training options, from in-house workshops to online courses, ensuring convenience and flexibility for your team. Our training courses are suited for all learning types and levels of expertise.

Whether you choose self-directed learning or professional training, investing in learning to operate and fully utilise NetSuite’s capabilities is key. Jacopo Consulting is here to help you and your team achieve proficiency and ensure your business operates at its full potential.